mardi 14 février 2012

Happy Valentine's Day/ Happy Singles Awareness Day !

Everyone knows that today is February the 14th, Valentine's Day for some and Singles Awareness Day for the rest. As my Blind Optimistic nature, I do Love and celebrate every happy day whether it is about celebrating Love, Friendship, Women or even the Tree's. Even if I am not concerned (not in love/single) I still am in love with the spirit, the ambiance and the whole euphoric touch of the day. So again, Happy Valentine's Day !! 

Now on that special day haters start to attack people who do celebrate it and feel all pinky, talking about how love should be celebrated 365 days a year, and how the whole V.Day is commercialized etc etc I say to those haters stop bothering the ones who are not like You, even if those people are the "mainstream" all you have to do is to respect them and their right to some happiness and  just as simple as it is don't celebrate the damn Valentine ( I feel better now, excuse my rudeness ) . 

I discovered something new today, the "Singles Awareness Day", and it's on Wikipedia too if you want to know more about it ( ). A friend of mine told me about it,and yes  it does sound cool ( not too desperate to my taste ) for those like me, who don't have a date or a Valentine today you may also celebtare the Singles Awareness Day instead of shooting happy couples with one of your deadly, envious, screaming "I hate Ya" looks. Celebrate the love of being single (it is a jerks free day, and i mean it: no jerks today) . I know that I may sound like those haters, but know that I am speaking out of experience if you insist to know.

So, whether you are Single like me or deeply madly truly in Love, remember that today is all about the sweetest most incredible feeling  in the world, which is as simple as you are, the simplest gesture can make a girl as happy as ever. Treat your girls right and Love them.

Happy Love Day everyone !! 

Marwa, the Blind Optimistic

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  1. Well, to be honest I always adapt to the spirit of the holiday, any holiday. In Valentine's Day I see an occasion to celebrate love, such a great and sweet feeling, and it doesn't really matter whether one is in a relationship or is single...for me it's love itself which needs to be celebrated. The hope that love still exists: those who have been fortunate enough and are living it must celebrate in whatever way they like as do those who are still waiting for love to be part of their lives. It's simply an occasion to express how great it is to love and to be loved or even to say to oneself love still exists and there's someone out there for me too so I have to see "la vie en rose" ;)
    What I want to mention here is that celebrating love is not a matter of gifts, chocolate or's deeper than that and it must by no means be exclusively talked about on Feb, 14th of every must be an everyday-reality...the simplest warm caring gesture can be a precious expression of affection. It's not because Valentine's Day is becoming more mediatised and that prices increase during that day that we had to stop celebrating (had we ever done this in Christmas, in Elmouled???!!!)...Come on why are we always focusing on the empty half of the cup...sometimes it feels good to be optimist and to focus on the other half ;)
    Concerning SAD, don't know, but I think it's a bit depressing for those who are if being single is degrading and needed to be celebrated apart...being single doesn't mean being's simply BEING.
    I strongly believe that Valentine's day is a celebration of LIFE. It's a celebration of tolerance, of accepting the other with his/her defects (the he/she is) not only with his/her virtues and at the same time of being open to the other (which means for me being open to life itself)....So come on people let's cherish life and let's don't take it for granted: we can simply make everyday of our lives special as we do in Valentine's Day..simply be open, cherish the ones you love and keep your hopes up :)

    “Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.”___ Plato

  2. "sometimes it feels good to be optimist and to focus on the other half ;)" you got it girl: this is the spirit of the blog! Optimism !! and i'm so happy to see that you are not a hater :p Just go with the flow, and celebrate the love you are feeling, living, waiting for or even witnessing.
    I also loved thos "It's simply an occasion to express how great it is to love and to be loved or even to say to oneself love still exists and there's someone out there for me too so I have to see "la vie en rose" ;)" and have to admit that it is my favorite, i just love it, and i learned not to deny what might happen (have to say AGAIN)wich is LOVE ( i'm so Fleur Bleue) but to embrace it and just wait for it, and meanwhile be AWESOME like Barney says (loooove Barney, he's so legen...wait for it dary).
    But I do disagree on the SAD celebration, it doesnt make single "degrading" like you said, but rather hopeful, and to be honest VERY funny name, as if we -signles all over the social networks - are not aware of it :D