samedi 26 novembre 2011

Starting Over

Start over Start over Start over, the word still echoes in my Head. It feels like I am born again, "Reborn" would not be the perfect adjective to descrive my new life. Dont ask me I really do not know why. it just feels like that. I tried to define what does "Start Over" mean? ( yes I know, I could not get rid of my critical analytical checking obsession, at least not yet) and i found some interesting definitions such as :"Make a fresh start from the beginning" or "to begin a new career or way of life". both definitions relate to my situation, that means that what I am living now is a true/authentic  Start Over. 

It is still a virgin page where no one has written on it, where i get to choose its first letter, its first word, its first sentence. Sometimes ( or let's say often if not always) the cause for a Start Over is not as easy/happy/something we decide to live as you may imagine, it may be a failure, an obstacle that we could not overcome, a break up, or a bad decision ( not to mention God Forbid someone's death). Those causes/reasons may seem harsh, unfair or truly sad; but know that it can only be for a good reason for Allah is wise, and everything happens for a reason ( a good one) which leads generally to a Start Over if you are lucky(eventhough I don't believe in Luck), but then try to take it not as a loss but as a true gain, a second chance, another hope and make the best out of it. 

Start Over with the things that you have always wanted to do, the things that you did not dare to do because you were too scared to, or because someone (sometimes what you thought was your best friend) told you not to, to break your spirit and crash your dreams and ambitions. Prove those people wrong and DARE to make your new  life just like you wanted it to be. Make a List ( lists are a hobby for me ) and cross down what you have achieved. and always add more and more objectives so that it would be an excitement to live for. Make your goals and what seem to be impossible come true, for the impossble does not exist and WoMan have proved the "impossible" theory to be wrong. Believe in yourself, in those who love you and have always supported you and Love Life. Start Over... 

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