dimanche 7 décembre 2014

Winter Reds

Hey Dolls&Gents!

Lipsticks are my everything, the one makeup item i lalalalove endlessly, fro real! and if you follow me everywhere (would live it if yo do) you would know that i'm a bold lip addict, i rarely go out with nude lips, to me it's either bold or bare lips. and this winter, all i've been thinking about is me with red lips, i see red everywhere! all i want to do is wear my red lipsticks, like all the time, walah! last night i even tried ruby woo just before going to bed, no kidding haha (ill show u a picture later hahaha )

So today i decided to show you all the reds that i have and think are perfect for winter, day/ night, doesn't really matter, i wear them all , all the time, anywhere, anytime, point is, red lips are timeless, a beauty classic that can turn your look from a boring look to a beautiful stunning hot sexy mama !

thing is i'm still craving more red lipsticks, and Im looking everywhere for a Cruella by Nars dupe, any recommandations girls? anything that would be its exact dupe, high end or drugstore wise, anything, just leave me a comment below and i'll be forever thankful to you :)

here are my favorite winter reds !

now here is my picture in my pjs trying out Ruby Woo , don't laugh at the Kylie Jenner situation, huh? :p but i promise you proper swatches with looks and all, today it was cloudy and the light wasn't cooperating if you know what i mean !

what are your best Reds? gimme options

Stay Timeless,

2 commentaires:

  1. I love it!!
    I've been loving the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in the shade "111 kiss of life" matte finish
    Is the Florelle one long-lasting?? because from the swatch I'm seeing it looks gorgeous!

  2. love red lipsticks ! the only color who fits me !