mercredi 27 août 2014


Hey there Dolls & Gents !

I hope you guys are doing supah great! I'm in bed with a stomach flu ( infection intestinale in french i think) but it's actually perfect for me to stay still and -finally- write that blog post that's been sitting in the drafts box for ages now !!!

Today it's all about hair, what I use on my hair during the summer, for protection, moisturization and to glam it up!

In summer i'm all about oils ( when have i not been into oils ya say !) i honestly believe in the old recipes of hair treatments, I see how my mom's hair is glossy and smooth and healthy and so was my grandma's and my great grandma's, those wise ladies have always used their grandma's homemade hair treatments, and of course so am I. the key word would be OILS !
you will see how loved some oils have been (i.e empty ) I don't go and buy fancy products, just the affordable and most natural hair products, so here is a list of what I use frequently:

- Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- Almond Oil
- Coconut Oil ( wish i could get my hands on the natural one, comment down below if you know where i can get some)
- J&J Baby Oil
- Gliss Hair Repair Precious Oil
- Pantene Oil Replacement

I don't use these products in a particular order, it depends on how my hair feels or what I'm going to do with it:
- Sometimes too dry: Olive Oil and Coconut Oil
- Freshly washed: Pantene Oil Replacement
- Beach : Baby oil or Almond Oil
- For a blow dry: Pantene Oil Replacement when wet, then some Gliss Hair Repair Precious Oil on the ends
- For braids and other hair do's: Gliss Hair Repair Precious Oil and Almond Oil

I hope you enjoyed this post, what are your hair care essentials? share the love !

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Stay Glam, 

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

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  1. seriously i'm obsessed with coconut oil,unfortunately can't find it anywhere in tunisia :'( !!