jeudi 7 août 2014


Hey Dolls & Gents!

Such a long time, right? I'm lazy, no excuses !!

it's summer, it's hot (as hell) so i've come up with a series on the blog: SUMMER ESSENTIALS, and every time i'm going to talk about my different must-haves for the season: beauty, fashion, hair care, face care etc...

Today I come to thee with my....wait for it..... Beach essentials, DUH !

عسلمتكم ! 
بش تقولولي هل غيبة، نقلكم برشة بخل، رمضان، برشة بخل هاهاها 

حسيلو ، جيت ليوم باش نخرفلكم على الاسنشلز متع الصيف ! كل مرة بش تكون فما موضوع، هاو بحر ، هاو شعر ، مكياج، موضة ، إلخ... 

ليوم بش تكون حلقة البحر !

- Uriage Crème Extrême SPF 90 : I like to have a high high SPF because my skin tend to still  get those browns spots with an SPF 50 (or less)  also it gets super dry, but this sunblock does a great job protecting my face, arms and shoulders (to be applied every 2 hours !!! )
- Nivea Lait Protecteur SPF 20 : i love this body sunscreen, always have, it gives me a great evened bronzy gold tan (4 adjs to describe my tan, obsessed much? hehe ) and i use a low SPF because i already use a high one with my sunscreen cream.
- Aloe for lips Lipbalm SPF 45similar here ) protecting my lips is crucial for me when going to the beach, because i tend to have super dry lips, that also tend to have those brown spots caused by the sun : yes, it's THAT bad !!
- J&J Baby Oil: you know me, i'm all about this baby oil, it gives my hair the moisture and the shine it needs, my hair smells like babies and stays silky smooth with any braid i would be doing. Need I ask more?
- Sally Hanson Sun Kissed 150: beach equals  bright nails and toes, and what better color than this bright orange from Sally Hanson, i'm mad about it !

what are YOUR beach essentials ? share share share ...

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Stay Happy,

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

2 commentaires:

  1. I used to use the Uriage sunscreen protection, all dermathologists advised it to me, yet the problem is that it gives a bluish finish to the skin, and even the tinted one isn't that good either. So I switched to other brands which had bad effect on my skin :/ I hink I'll get back to it!
    thanks for the article :)

  2. from where did you get your lipbalm ! i want the same one :D