lundi 24 mars 2014

SJP Collection

Hello Dolls and gents!
Do you have any idea how super excited I am about this post!
Who doesn't know Carrie Bradshaw the Manhattan writer who‘d rather have her pair of Manolos than have lunch, that fash girl who uses her oven for storage? It’s Sex and The City’s main character played by Sarah Jessica Parker. Who wasn't obsessed with Carrie’s closet and shoes and hated Mr. Big for making her cry? I know I did, and I still love Carrie and her closet. It was about time that SJP started a project like this, a shoe collection made in Italy, with SJP working hand in hand with business partner George Malkemus (who is also CEO of Manolo Blahnik USA) for Nordstrom.Yes you heard it SHOES!

The very idea of Sarah Jessica Parker thinking about shoes makes me way too excited like a chipmunk that just had a coffee shot!! I know some criticized this collection and called it “Granma shoes” and old fashioned shoes, but I don’t think that at all, I thought the shoes were made with love, designed with love, they looked classy and very feminine, different from any very very high Louboutins or any other brand, but hey that is the point, right, it is to be different, and she succeeded in doing that. 
I loved the fact that you could still feel the Carrie touch in every piece; I loved the fact that they looked comfy and safe; I loved the fact that every pair has a girl’s name, makes them cute and very girly. The collection is very colorful; my favorite would be the teal blue classic heels, because you know I am in my classic shoes phase right now.

Prices range between 195 and 485 US dollars which isn't affordable nor expensive, I think. I wish I could get my hands on that blue one and the Carrie one even though I am not the straps on shoes kinda girl but I could try the Carrie ones with pleasure!

Leaving you with some photos … 

Photo credit: @sjpcollection Instagram , and

Stay Bradshaw,

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic…

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  1. I love the shoes love reading your posts keep 'em coming :* :*