jeudi 27 mars 2014

EVENT: Mademoiselle Hecy Spring Collection Launch & Berbers By Fares Cherait

Last Saturday I was kindly invited for a very chic Tea Party organized by Mademoiselle Hecy Store in la Soukra to launch their Spring collection.
The ambiance was pastel chic decorated with a beautiful table garnished with cookies, cakes, marshmallows, Lemonade, and of course hot tea. Which made the afternoon sweeter than it already is!

Mademoiselle Hecy is the collab of two designers Hend and Cyrine who happen to be best friends aswell, the brand is named after them: taking their initials to be He (for Hend) Cy ( for Cyrine) ) who launched their brand and boutique here in Tunis La Soukra few months ago. A brand  that perfectly portrays the feminity  of the  modern and chic Tunisian woman. . . . . 

Asma snapped ! 
The spring collection of Mademoiselle Hecy is composed of 3 sets: 1st set that you find is Pastel themed, featuring printed turquoise/cerulean chiffon dresses and blouses, pink and nude velvety peplum shirts, grey and white tops with lace details, and kaki crop tops incorporating lovely gems. 

2ndset‘s theme is what i cal " Different shades of Blue " where cobalt is the main color -and my favorite too-, with peplum chiffon tops and cobalt blue crop tops. it's my favorite set  of the collection so far ! 

3rd set is the last one, dark blue+white and black.  mostly printed pieces inspiring spring ( duh) lace and chiffon tops ( the first piece in the front, IM OBSESSED). 

WHAT I THINK: I loved the collection as a whole, and set 1 and 2 in particular, you know how I love that cobalt blue in warm seasons, what seduced me more were those peplum tops, and the crop tops that I found madly charming, and the pastel cerulean tops as well that gave a very romantic touch to the countless outfits that I created in my mind with the Mademoiselle Hecy pieces ! Congratulations Girls on your chic spring collection.

As mentioned in the title of this post, Berbers- a brand created by the very talented and free spirited Fares Cherait- participated in this Tea Party to expose some of the brand’s most brilliant pieces : the handbags and tee shirts ( Hend is wearing one of them) the handbags are a piece of art  if you ask me! Notice the peace word on the leather clutches Salam and Angle, but I had a mad crush on the “Coexist” bag, found it really brilliant and handy, a bag with a message, that’s sth !

My fav hand bag <3 

Berbers has also a line of tees with “I love Tunisia” message, simple and very close to the heart, those things may look simple but in in times like these, and seeing what Tunisia is going through, any gesture that shows love can be crucial to the country, because Love is what we need to bring out country to the top!

I was really happy to meet the most awesome girls in the event, Nadia from  My Fancy Wardrobe , Myriam from  Blog de Meryam  and last but not least Asma from Asma Z Lifestyle , they really made my day with their fun conversation, jokes and crazy many many selfies ! 

the ladies with Fares Cherait 

Special Thanks to Mademoiselle Hecy team Hend and Cyrine for the warm welcome and for Fares Cherait for his innate class and the countless selfies he had to smile to hehe !

left to right: Cyrine, Mowa and Hend (with the Berbers tee i told you about)
photo credit: Blog de Meryam
PS: go check their beautiful pieces on SALE now !!!

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Stay Romantic,

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic…

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  1. it was a lovely evening hope i see u soon!!

  2. Wow, wish I was there! Your pictures are amazing Marwa, they really make me want to check out the brand next time I'm in Tunis town :) Did you try anything on? Did you have any favorite pieces?
    Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work! love u xxxxxxx

  3. Hi girl,

    Thanks for this lovely article! Can you please let me know where I can purchase the Berbers' bags online?
    I can't find Fares Cherait website and I never heard about him before.


    Assiya, USA.