lundi 17 février 2014

Stripes on a Museum Kinda Day !

Hello Dolls and Gents!
It’s true that Spring is here way too soon, for we have not had a proper winter here in Tunisia, sth for which many would see it as pure luck, but you know me I’m a December Girl who is mad about winter, the cocococold, the rain, and snow, but I did enjoy the couple of very warm sunny omg days here in Tunis! So I thought to myself, why don’t I make the most of it and go out the past weekend and do sth unusual, enough of sitting around in coffee shops doing nothing but eat cheesecakes and yum coffees, not that I don’t like doing that anymore, but I’ll leave that for colder days. I decided with my sister to go for a museum day, Carthage was a perfect choice! Let me just emphasizethe fact that the weather was really warm, a perfect May kind of day even though it is just February!!

 Anyhow, to cut the story short, we got to the museum, we paid our visit 9dt each (it is free for students, teachers, journalists and Tunisians living abroad) -let me just say sth that intrigued me, Tunisians paying for museums visits in Tunisia is kind of unfair I think, I think it should be free for locals with no exceptions, esp for Carthage you know.. - But it sure isn’t too much to encourage tourism in a beautiful Tunisia!

My sister and I had a blast!! I could not believe that I was walking on the same groud Alyssa walked on; the Romans, the Greeks, the Phoenicians and god knows who/what still lies beneath this blessed ground! I had much fun with the crazy sister who was far more interested in History than I am.

Our next stop was Sidi Boussaïd (of course) in Tunisia we have a kind of tradition, “when it’s Sunny, it means it is a Sidi Boussaïd Day!”  I think I’m going to ramble a bit about SidiBoussaïd, it is GORGEOUS at all times !!!!day, night, winter, summer, SPRING, it’s just irresistible walah ! we had a crappy lunch and we started walking around we held on to the “no sitting around in coffee shops day” so we walked until we got really tired, and I mean REALLY tired and headed home by 8pm !

Meeting cute little strangers is always on the menu !

For a day out like this, I could not think of sth besides stripes, even though I kind of quit it for some time because I felt like it accentuated the “twins” if you know what I mean: p so yeah Stripes was my choice! Stripped H&M tee shirt, Stripped H&M cardigan, mycomfiest pair of  dark blue jeans(that I seriously need to get it tailored), a blue Mango purse, some braids here and there and I was ready to hit the raod!

Safa opted for grey jeans, a Mango mustard top, and a red hooded tee shirt on top of it for when it gets colder ( I called her Red Riding Hood) and Reebock sneakers and a shoulder bag she got from Zara


I hope you liked this post, if you are a local, I fully support you if you would want to go do the “Museum Day”, if you are bored of cafés, I encourage you to do it and if you are a world citizen, don’t think too much just get on a place and COME! You will never regret it, take my word for it!

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Stay Calm, and COME TO TUNISIA!

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic… 

3 commentaires:

  1. ma7lekom les belles soeurettes safa cha3rek yhabbel mouahh mouahh dhaher t3ada a wonderful day !! <3

  2. love these photos!
    looks Fun!

  3. Nice fun sunny post! So nice to see you two together going on adventures :) I go to these places every time I have a guest from abroad who wants to see the sights. There's usually a guy sitting around who'll show you all the nooks and crannies and tell you amazing facts in any language for a few dinars, for those who like quirky guided tours :) The outfits were perfectly appropriate and you made me laugh with your stripes/twins hint :D
    keep 'em coming!!