dimanche 1 septembre 2013

Summer Favorites 2013

Hey Dolls and Gents !
I hope you are doing great! I noticed that a lot of people were sick these last couple of days, i was too, alhamdulilah im muuuuch better now, hope you are too !
Today's post is about the products im obsessing about this summer , well actually they've been hanging aroud for a while now, some are new purchases, some i have been using like forever, and love them to bits!

هللو يا جماعة ! 
انشالله عملين جو، بماإنه الطقس خريف، وبارد، وأنا مازلت منيش مستعدة باش نودع البحر ، لا وألف لا هيا يا سيف أرجع شوية خليني نشوف لبحر ونقلوا إلى لقاء أخر !! 
هيا شعلينا ! أندي برشة محكتش الحاجات إلي يعجبوني، وليوم هذاك علاش بش نوريكم شنوا الحاجة إلي نستعمل فيهم عندي مدة وعجبوني !

so enouh rambling here are my Summer Favorites ;)

Pantene oil replacement is my all time fav hair product ever!!
Pantene Oil Replacement: I've used this product for over 8 years now and i still find it amazin, works very well with my hair, makes it easier for the blowdrier to do its job, and the smell, argh so nice and fresh! so happy that we can find it in Tunisia easily now! ( carrefour, Géant, monoprix and in shops ! )

Highlighter by Essence, discontinued unfortunately ! i can't live without this product , use for highlighting, on my tear dots, browbone, and as an eyeshadow !
newly bought from Zara, im OBSESSED !
my currently favorite pigment, and it's only 2dt ! (1 euro)

it smells OMG ! and very moisturizing!
playing matchy matchy ( i kinda always do) looove the boldness
matchy matchy again !

my DIY makeup remover! works wonders on my skin !

my favorite brush by sigma and sponge sold here

I Hope you liked my Summer favorites !
Tell me what are YOUR summer favorites products?

وانتوما شنوا الحاجات إلي عجبوكم في الصيف ؟  

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xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic... 

13 commentaires:

  1. Réponses
    1. hey :) thank u for the comment! so i bought the perfume for 17.990dt it was on sale! original price is 24.990dt

      xoxo Marwa

  2. مروى ,زيت زيتون و ماء الورد بدل حطهم في دبوسة بلار خير, بلاستيك مع السخانة ساعات يضر الخليط

    1. واللهي مافبالي ! عيشك عيشة ! نشالله مفسدش، انا حطيتو فالفرجيدار أما اتو نبدلو في البلار ! عيشك النصيحة !!

      xoxo Marwa

  3. alhamdulilah I'm good too:)))
    I'm so suprised Is there any store which sells flormar products? In Turkey we usually prefer flormar especially nail products. Also love your DIY make up remover, I'll do it too:)))

    kisses from Turkey:)))

    1. thank u so much sweetie for ur comment !
      yes we have Flormar now, almost everywhere! ive been in love with Flormar for a few years now, i buy the products everytime i go to turkey!
      happy u like my DIY :)

      xoxo Marwa

  4. Salut Marwa, inchallah labés tout d'abord, et t'inquiètes tu auras sûrement l'occasion de te baigner, il va faire chauuuud ce mois de Septembre!!
    Passons tawa au post que j'ai adoré au passage, moi aussi j'<3 <3 <3 le highlighter d'essence et je ne peux plus m'en séparer! l'huile de remplacement m'a,aussi, sauvé la vie cet été et j'ai fini par dire à Dieu aux frisottis. Mon pinceau favoris est le F80 de chez sigma par contre ton F84 me fait de l'oeil, sont t'ils semblables? ou dois je céder à la tentation?? les RAL sont vraiment mais vraiment une tuerie, d'ailleurs j'ai deux questions à te poser à leur propos:
    1) le Flormar est-t-il le dupe du RS 320 de Shiseido par hasard?
    2) l'élégant est-t-il celui que tu portais sur la photo du concours Fatale? dommage qu'il soit en rupture :/ la couleur est divine!!!

  5. yah yah yah 3ana fard el 7ajet habinehom 3andek el gel douche el huile de remplacement éponge dupe et les 2 vernis za3ma t3aned fiya wala n3aned fik hhhhh wala el 9alb 3al 9alb :* nice review kil 3ada merci

  6. Bonjour!
    Tres joli article avec plaein de decouvertes!
    j aidecouvert ton jolui univers grace a MakeupbyAmira!
    Je te suis aussi sur FB:Jens Ken Lundstrom
    bonne continuation!

  7. Ah tu es enfin de retour !
    Très belle revue, je suis aussi fan du démaquillant huile d'olive+ eau de rose. Une perfection :)

  8. I'm going to try the DIY makeup remover ! I never seem to find the perfect one is stores !
    Thank you for allowing us to discover this !
    See yaa !


  9. Lots of favs in common! I just love these kinds of posts :)))
    -The Oil replacement has sadly left my favs though, since I straightened my hair, it doesn't do much for me anymore. I'm on the lookout for something better suited for my new hair :)
    -The highlighter is da bomb, as good as any high end product!
    -I haven't tried any Zara perfumes, but I'll make sure I do next time.
    Thanks again for introducing me to those awsome pigements by Valse and
    -thanks for the makeup remover recipe :) Where do you get your rose water from?
    -And finally, thanks for the recommendation :*
    Keep up the good work! <3

  10. coucou :) j'adore tes cheveux tbarkallah :) j'utilise aussi l'huile de remplacement que j'aime bcp! tu pourrais nous parler de ta routine cheveux!
    ps: j'adore ton blog! tu es tout juste magnifique surtout ton sourire et ta bonne humeur