jeudi 10 janvier 2013

Once Upon a December...Twice

Happy New Year Dolls and Gents !! 

Today shall be the post i am starting the year with, My Birthday :) 
This is the best birthday(s)  i have ever ever everrrrr had! i consider myself the luckiest girl on planet earth ( and Jupiter too :p ) to have the best friends a girl can wish for, friends who remember your birthday, get you the gifts you have been cravings , AND... and organize a surprise birthday for you! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH GIRLS ! and i mention my family mom and sis, my  teenagehood and college besties: Nouha, Ines, Hajer , Rim and Mouna, and the cutest MU network besties : Jess , SanaAmiraSahar , Elhem, and Dorra , you girls are one of a kind blessings :) love u mucho !! 

Once Upon a December...Twice is me celebrating my 28th birthday twice :)
Ines and the girls organized a lil dinner in  quite a cosy restaurent in Les Berges du Lac called Le Bistrot , we gathered all the gals Ines, Hajer, Rim and her sis Mouna, Nouha and my sis Safa and had such a lovely dinner, rice and stew, soup, pasta, it was sooo good and the ambiance is just cosy and simple. here are few pictures of what we ordered : 



And here is the group :)

and then we headed to my favorite spot currently  Sweet Tales  at Les Berges du Lac aswell and here is what we got there : 

What my besties got me :) 





The week after i had one of those usual meet ups with the MU addicts in our current "headquarter" Sweet Tales, and guess what they surprised me with a Birthday party, and they got the sweetest gifts everrr ! it was one of the most emotional moments, and you know i'm no good with emotions :p 

Pictures will speak for themselves i think :) taken by Jess and Sana ^_^ 

Me wearing Jess's gift from her accessories line Nee Accessories, a statement Necklace she calls : Tourbillon de Perles that was specially made for MEEEE :) thank U jess :* u can have the same necklace on their FB page click  here

hugging my stuff from every possible angle :p 

Dorra and Amira's gifts  can these two be sweeter?? 
Safa my sister
me wearing the Kolsi #170 very much like the MAC's moxie, and it lasts ALL DAY (thank u sana )

And Now i present to Thee the series of my face expressions when discovering the goodies :D ur comments plzz :p

some pictures of the goodies the girls got me : 

Of course I cannot forget Sahar that I had the chance to meet lately, and who ALWAYS contributes to anything the girls and I are organizing without even being able to come, THANK YOUUUUU  and i love you loads, u'r the best thing a girl like myself could have :*

That was my very first post on 2013; I hope you like me sharing the best moments of my life with you dear readers, your comments make me the happiest.

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Stay Unique, 

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic ...

12 commentaires:

  1. Lucky girl :) hope to have friends like yours !
    rabbi y5alikom lb3adhkom nchallah :*

    1. thank u so much Maroua for ur comment! and yess i am lucky alhamdulilah and blessed with these gorgeous besties !
      thank u for passing by
      xoxo Marwa

  2. aaah finally the so expected Post !!! you're such a pretty and lovely girl ♥ you deserve all the best Missy xxx

    1. thank u so much Sana for the comment sana. and u know that i love u sooo mucho and u'r such a smart beautiful girl! love u barchika for being a part of my life :*
      xoxo Marwa

  3. What a happy post! As I was reading it, people asked me "what are you smiling about? " hihihih :) We all had such a great time with you <3 Hope we get to spend many more birthdays in each other's company Marmar! xoxo

  4. Quels beaux moments et quel joli post ! Tu mérites tout le bien du monde jolie Marwa ! :)
    Gros bisous

  5. très jolie et touchant post marwa et belle photo <3
    tu mérites tt le bonheur du monde ma cherie et j’espère qu'on sera longtemps là pour te le dire :) et passer d'aussi bon moment avec toi !!
    a tres bientôt

  6. tu mérites tout le bonheur du monde marwoutt :*

  7. happy birthday honey! what a nice blog! I've just receieved your e-mail and replied to you. Also I'm your new follower:)))
    kisses from Turkey

  8. Such a lovely and happy post Marwa!! You got so many amazing goodies!! And happy bleated birthday! :)



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