vendredi 16 novembre 2012

M.A.C Store Tunis: 5 years déjà

Dear Dolls and Gents !

Here i am today to talk to you about the small event i attended with the girls at the M.A.C Stores in Tunis, avenue Habib Bourghiba.
the event was the M.A.C Store 5th  anniversary in Tunis.   Amira , Jess   and myself ,  met there for the event, jess and I forgot our cameras (how cool is that ? :D ) so we had to use our phones (which explains the crappy quality of the pics ).

Let's start with the positive side of the event:

+ I got to see my friends , Joujou and met Rim the M.A.C cosmetics junkie, who has over 12 GORGEOUS  M.A.C lipsticks, many lovely M.A.C blushes, UD palettes M.A.C palettes and i LOVE her taste in MU, not to talk about her lipstick ( the rebel i think) she was wearing, matt, dark and fab !!
+ Lovely "Buffet" and some of the recent collection to swatch.

Negative Side :

- The ambiance was not nice, and the store as tiny as it is impossible to move inside it (hot as hell too)
- The girls who work there were as usual: indifferent, warmless, unfriendly.
- 5% sale for the occasion, imagine 5% only !!!!!! and it was not even told out loud! (for some only..)
- The lipstick stand was almost empty, nothing was available, testers were filthy, messy, and very unattractive.
- we got to SEE the cake.

i'm not a negative person usually, but this M.A.C event wasn't woth checking out. I would know what to expect next time if something like this happens. Nevertheless, I had fun with the girls and got you my readers some pictures, excuse the bad suality please .

here are some products from Rim's collection that she brought to share the love with us : thank you Rim !

Rim's 13 lipsticks , how crazy good do they look ! 
Amira having a crush on Ruby woo* 
the Fameuse UD Vice palette
Jess and I 
and this was it. thank you guys for reading my pos, and for passing by.
Hoping you appreciated my honesty. please do comment to tell me if you were there, or if you do share my point of view about the M.A.C store ambiance and workers.

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Stay True

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimisic ... 

12 commentaires:

  1. That cake looks , Just stunning !! Waw I'm amazed by the photos , true talent you've got there , hope it went all good . Stay tuned
    Trends Fom Tunis

    1. thank u yusuf for the comment :)
      glad u liked the pics !too bad we didnt get to taste how good the cake looks !
      xoxo Marwa

  2. Amaziiiiing !!! Hope you enjoyed it <3

    1. thank u so much for the womment !
      stay tuned for more posts to come :)
      xoxo Marwa

  3. Même s'il y'avait beaucoup de bruit et que l'organisation n'était pas au top, j'ai adoré te voir toi, amira, julie et rim !
    Bisous ma belle :)

    1. thank u so muxh Jess for the comment ! me too i loved seeing u and being a part of that fab lipstick buying decision ^^
      xoxo Marwa

  4. Réponses
    1. thank u for the comment Ines :)
      u shud have come! next time we'll plan when sth like this comes along !
      thank u for passing by!
      xoxo Marwa

  5. J'aurais aimé être avec vous les filles ;)) et puis chui tt à fait d accord concernant les filles du store, elle snt tjr boudeuses 0 sourire, ça donne plus envie d'y être une autre fois

    1. thank you so much Pomy for the comment, and yessss finally :D
      we wanted to see u too that day, inchalah next time we could attend events together !
      m even happier u share the same pov abt the ladies working there! thaey need to change the attitude i think !!
      thank u for passing by
      xoxo Marwa

  6. Hi! I'm still waiting for them to post the photos! I wish I had taken more with my own camera, it was nice to get together that day and talk mac, even if we didn't really enjoy the atmosphere inside the store :)
    thanks for immortalizing the moments Marmar!
    love you!

  7. hi marwa i just saw your post and i'm angry with myself not to have visited your blog before that . love your photos. thank you for all these great attentions.I will be from now more often present.xoxo