dimanche 11 novembre 2012

Get Ready with ❤ Safa ❤

Dolls and Gents, i missed you :)

Today is a post about my crazy pretty stylish sister, i totally fell in love with her outfit last weekend !
Fall is finally here in Tunisia, one day is hot as hell, another day is a bit chilly, but a real Fall Cold , THAT, we still are waiting for, at least, Iam...

Safa has chosen a summer black dress by Zara,  and paired it with burgundy tights and a very chic Brown/Burgundy cardigan by Mango, with black flats. Here is it in pictures :

the outfit


When it comes to Makeup, Safa would not go out without her bold lipcolor, and some shiny neutural eye makeup. the Bold lipcolor is by Rimmel nb 09, Bourjois blusher  (it is way if you want to see the swatch of this blusher, it's gorgeouuuuus http://diariesofmeblindoptimistic.blogspot.com/2012/08/marwa-shops-makeup-haul-part1.html !) a Golden Rose Roll-On glittery eyeshadow and she miwed it with similar colors from the Sleek Original palette. A pic would help, right ? ;)

Safa's originality affects her way of accessorizing her outfit, all she needed was: a super original watch, a golden chain bracelet from Forever21,  and a cute pair of earrings that she got from Turkey, she later decided to add her favorite of all times statement ring from H&M. Her Winter perfume for now is Insolence by Guerlain.

a closer look to the lovely watch 

trying some pin up hair look, don't you just looove this !


the statement ring from H&M Dubai

Starwberry-Banana smoothie !

Safa's BF Olfa, the Korean Drama junkie :) 

That's all ... (à la Miranda Priesly :p )

Thank you so much for checking my new post, hoping you like it, and hoping I could manage to do a "Get Ready With Me" tutorial...one day :p

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Stay Freshhhhh,

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

6 commentaires:

  1. Love the post! Safa is so cute & you with your smile, gorgeous !!! loads of hugs & kisses to you both ♥

    1. thank u so much sana for the comment! and yes she is so cute indeed !! i love making her my muse (if she ever lets me) !

      xoxo Marwa

  2. Great post! You're pictures are really nice and Safa is gooooorgeous as usual! love u!

    1. Thank u so much Myra for the comment ! i took advantage of her gud mood that day cuz she never lets me take pics of her or pose for my blog :(

      xoxo Marwa