mardi 23 octobre 2012

FANS AWARD at Sweet Tales

Hello Dolls and Gents !
Hoping you had a fab weekend and a nice start this morning !
Because this is a Tuesday (tuesdays are my mondays for some reason ) and a cloudy one too, This post comes to brighten it up and add some warmth and sweetness to a bitter week to come !

Fans Awards is what this post is about, you all know Amira by now, the beautiful tunisian youtuber (1st too) who makes makeup tutorials (here ) and the creator of the one and only . if you are following her on twitter and FB  you would know that she was nominated in the Tunisiana Awards for the best personal blog, to cut the story short ( it is quite annoying for me to talk about it) Amira did not win despite having the majority of votes, and because she was feeling down (who wouldn't!!) so I had the idea to reward her nevertheless ! I  contacted Jess, Sana, Elhem and Sahar  who welcomed the idea mucho mucho , and we got her.....a trophy :D YES a trophy because she deserves all the best and because she is a winner.

the trophy: FANS AWARD, pour notre chère Amira, Best MU blog

Amira with a Sleek babe ^^ 

Meeting was Elhem's suggestions, a very chic and quiet spot in les Berges du Lac up-north in Tunis, called Sweet Tales: it was perfection : dim lights, delicious pretty looking pastry...

Sweet Tales

Now back to the FANS AWARD ,whose logo has been designed by Elhem the chic architect, with a beautifully designed card where each one of us wrote something for Amira. she was in tears and so were we , one of the most touching moment of my life ! 

the beautifully designed card by Elhem, where each one of us wrote sth for Amira
FANS AWARD designed by elhem

pic taken by Sana

the trophy held by Amira <3 
Sana trying to save what's left of the mascara :p 

The pastery was very delicious , I chose the Oreo Cheesecake, let me tell ya it's HEAVEN !!! but each one of us had something different and of course we tasted each other's sweet pick :)  the coffee wasn't that good though, it kind of messed up the cheesecake's ambiance, so i had few sips and gave it up in the end! 

me trying to make up my mind what to choose? hmm..... 
the Oreo chessecake (my fav) 
Jess's pick, i can't remember the name of this one :s 
Elhem's lemon pie
Amira's cheesecake with hazelnut
my Oreo cheesecake slice !

the coffee: my least fav thing in Sweet Tales.

the table all set! yum yum <3 
Jess's camera was there too, taking shots of every corner, every detail, capturing the laughs and the tears, the funniest faces and the chic outfits, here are some photos Jess took during the meet up , enjoy : 

a shot of Jess with her camera! doesn't she look like a pro !! 

Elhem and I 

LEFT to right: Sana and Amira 
beautiful Sana, sitting all classy ^^ 

Got'cha :D 

letf to right: sana; mowa, jess and elhem :D this is what we call fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun !!! 

left to right: Elhem, Amira and Ines, the newest member welcomed in the team ^^

of course Makeup was there! amira swatching one of the Sleek Palette's fab shadows

My favorite part was the decor and the BOOKS ! yes you heard it right BOOKS! the idea of this classy café has caught my attention, it is my dream place! if you are following me on Pinterest you would know that one of my favorite movies of all times is  You've Got Mail, not just because Tom Hanks is in it, but also for the Fox Books  where you get to read what you want around a nice warm coffee, that was my dream place: books AND coffee !!!! Sweet Tales brought me many years back, seeing all those books ( sadly in french :s ) was very mesmerizing , i LOVED it !!
Here are few photos Jess took of my favorite corner in Sweet Tales:

here is Jess's outfit shot by me: did you gals notice she lost weight, i love the way her face is glowing, sth is happening, right? :p

had a crush on the blue top and scarf elhem was wearing! LOVE !! 
Amira's necklace designed by Nee Accessories, im in LOVE with it ! 

Last but not Least, Sana took some shots of me playing Cleopatre on the sofa :p but seriously i LOVE them! thank u dear :* 

Ajouter une légende

I'm finally done with this post (phewww) it's taken me so many days due to my personal laziness ( yes i admit it ) and of course the crappy internet connection Tunisia's been having this period (no coincidence !!!)

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To read Jess 's version of this post click here, on your way you might want to check Amira 's post too :)

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Stay Delicious,

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

10 commentaires:

  1. Thank you so much Marwa, this was truly the highlight of my little blogging/youtubing career and I'll never forget how kind and thoughtful you all were <3 You are a very special person, and I love you <3
    Muaaaah xoxox

  2. thank u so muxh amira for the sweet comment :) and sweetie, we are extremely happy that/when you are happy too ! inchalah to many other surprises, meet ups and many many sweet things! and i didnt have the chance to thank u enough for the sleek! u have nooo idea how much the gesture means to me ! love u mucho !!!!!

    xoxo Marwa

  3. tres touchant poste marwa j'ai adoré
    hope to see you again & again maybe soon...
    et les 2 dernières photos de sana sont magnifiques
    plein de bisouuuuus ma chere

    1. thank u so much Elhem for the comment ! hoping to see u too again and again ;) needless to say again how fab u looked !!

      xoxo Marwa

  4. Marwa tu as toujours le don de rendre les photos encore plus belles grâce à ton texte !
    J'adore te prendre en photo tu es suuuuuper jouuuulie :D et les 2 dernières...bravo sana !!!
    J'espère qu'on fera beaucoup de rencontres comme ça.
    Gros bisouuu

    1. thank u so much Jess for the comment :) and sweetie, ur photos inspire my text, i feel like i can tell a whole story with one glance at a photoshoot or one bit of o photo :) the talent goes to u and all i do is complement it with a not so bad text :p
      ive always been the gal behind the camera (used to film a lot ) never thought of the day where s.o wud take pic of me, and u make me ^prettyyyyy so thank u ;)
      inchalah to more meetups like these
      xoxo Marwa

  5. Coucou les filles, je suis en retard! j'ai cru que Marmar traine encore à poster un truc sur notre meetup et voilà que je le découvre maintenant :)

    Marwa, ton récit est so cute & so warm, you have a great style, love youuuuuuuuuuuu ♥

    Merci les filles pour vos commentaires sur les portraits que j'ai fait à la jolie miss. En fait, tout comme Jess, j'ai adoré la prendre en photos, elle n'en a mis que 2 mais elle est bien belles sur toutes :)

    1. Sanaaaa , thank u so much for the comment sweetie :) thank u for complimenting my writing style :* and dont worry sweetie ! i will be doing a blog post just for the shoot u did ;) didnt wanna overwhelm u guys with so many pics of me :p thank u so much for taking the time to take pics of me Cleopatra style ! i shud've quit that pillow though :p :p
      to many many meetups inchalah
      xoxo Marwa

  6. I have been two times in Tunisia, only's a beautiful mediterranean Country,I love it !I have dedicated two post to its style in my blog,because I hoper people will help the development of it.Your blog is very nice,compliments.

    1. thank u so much Lily for the sweet comment !! and thank u even more for loving my country, glad u enjoyed ur vacation and are willing to contribute with its development :) let's meet when u get the chance to come again ;)
      thank u for subscribing too !!!!!

      xoxo Marwa