jeudi 15 mai 2014

How Much Is My Face Worth ?

Hellou Dolls &Gents !

Today's post is about my face routine, how much do I spend on my face daily ? (well not daily, but let's say my current face routine ) I am like any average tunisian girl who uses only drugstore makeup, the kind of makeup that looks nice and natural enough and at the same time is budget friendly ( because i'm ALWAYS on a budget :p )

هالو عليكم ! 
ليوم البوست يحكي على روتيني الفندوتان قده يتكلف. أنا كما أي بنية تونسية عادية نشري مكياج مش غالي ياسر، يعني ماعندي شي مل هاي اند ( لانكوم ، ديور ، جيفنشي إلخ ) نستعمل مكياج مش غالي ياسر أما في نفس الوقت نرد بالي مل كالتا خاطر كما تعرفوني نحب مكياجي طبيعي ومش معقد أكلي تحسو  مش حاطة 5 كيلو مكياج ووجهي معدش يبان تحت المكياج.
هذا هو المكياج إلي نستعملو لوجهي تقريباً كل يوم  : 

so here is what i basically use :

Products Prices : ( 55 dt Total)

Tools : ( 60 dt Total n maybe less because I wasnt sure abt the Sponge price )

VERDICT : my face is worth 115 dt , hmm too much money for face makeup, but not too much for a natural look, a look that would hold ur face together  for as long as possible , notice that i dont use a powder at all, i love my face dewy and glowy :)

How I Look : NO FILTER
PS: I look lighter on the second photo because of the light on my window ;)

So, tell me, how much is YOUR face worth ?

Comment, it always makes me Happy !!

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Stay Flawless,

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

4 commentaires:

  1. plz Marwa ton avis sur le concealer Flormar et si jamis t'a une idée sur le Blush Flormar et merci :)

    1. hey :) thank u for ur comment! i like that Flormar cream concealer, i have 2 of them, one shade a bit lighter to highlight my undereyes and to do under my brows and another orangy shade that i find PERFECT to conceal all the blemishes. I would not recommand it if you have oily under eyes. about the blush i did not have the chance to try out one, but i hear they are good :)

      xo Marwa

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