vendredi 21 juin 2013

Bright Eyes? YES, Please !

Kelly Rowland- Kisses Down Low

Heyyyy Dolls and Gents !

Today Im coming with a BRIGHT post, it's summer, it's hot and fun, and fun isn't just beach and night outs, it's also Makeup, and precisely eye makeup. I tend to try almost everything, love stepping out of my comfort zone, and here i am ditching my cat eye, shiny nude shadows and go with this bright neon matte eyeshadow.
You might think: "Oh God what the heck is she doing?" "Oh it looks so childish and scary" but you know what, why not :)

Makeup :
As you saw, I did not use any transitional color for blending, i used a clean MAC 217 brush to blend away the shadow, I tried it simple and as subtle as possible, you may add your fav nude matte shadow for blending or for a more sophistocated look, it will look fabulous !

PS: I did not take pictures of the other neon colors: blue and fuschia, I tried the yellow, green and orange which are the most unconventional colors to see on eyes, but go ahead and try the blue and fuschia and send me pictures on my FB page, twitter or here in a comment, i'd love to see what you tried ;)

leaving with the pictures of the different bright eyes :

عسلمتكم يا جماعة ! 
أول حاجة نحب نقول للتلامذة إلي نجحوا فالباك ألف ألف مبروك، وإلي يعاود في دورة المراقبة، بقدرة ربي ناجحين ! 

باهي توا خلي نحكيو شوية مكياج ، عينين شعشوعي نيون هما الدواء  هل الصيف! أكيد بش تقوللي وه يا مروى ياسر هذا  عد، نقلكم أي  علاش لا، كان متجربهش فالصيف وقتاه باش تجربوه مالا ؟  
كما ترو مستعملت  حتى لون اخر مع المكياج هذا خاطر حبيت نوريه وحدو، أما نتومة تنجموا تجربوا زوز ألوان مع بعضهم كما لخضر والأصفر ولا لصفر والأزرق ولا الروز والأخضر. 
ملة نستنكم تجربوه وتبعثولي تساوركم نبرتجيهم الفيسبوك والبلغ، تفاهمنا ؟ 
أميرة  زادة جربت الأصفر فوق عينها وطلع يهبل! برافو أميرة !! تنجموا تشفوه هنا
و هاجر  جربت مكياج كما متع Kelly Rowland ، ياسر عجبني ، شوفوه هنا

the only look where i used some of my bronzer to blend this green !

Products I used to make the 3 looks

Go ahead and send me your pictures with the bright eyes, i'd love to post them :)
Amira from tried the yellow eyeshadow and i LOVED it ! check it here
Hajer from  The Beauty Buzzer did a whole MU inspired by the Kisses down low video, all bright, I loved it too ! check it out here

Not to forget how Kelly Rowland was all bright and neon on her Kisses Down Low Video Clip, I'm so tempted to try them on !

I hope you liked this post, it's too much for the eyes to handle, I know :p but you know me, i try everything, as long as it's fun and chic :)


xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

13 commentaires:

  1. wahhh je sais pas si je peux oser ça pour tous les jours!! limite pour un make up artistique!!! j'adore sur toi en tout cas!

    1. thank u Fati for the comment !! true you need to be really bold to try this trend, and u'r absolutely right, for an everyday makeup it's a bit unusual, but hey i know how bold ur fashion choices are, try some turquoise, u'll look FAB ;)

      Thank u for passing by
      xoxo Marwa

  2. Audacieuse comme toujours !
    You nailed it !

    1. Oh yousef, im so happy u came and commented, THANK UUU !!
      xoxo Marwa

  3. J'adore !!!!! C'est magnifique et très estivale !! tu me donnes envie de faire pareil avec toutes ces belles couleurs flashyy !!!
    PS: j'aime vraiment ton originalité surtout quand ça se voit dans tes posts!! notamment quand tu les rédiges en dialecte tunisien aussi !!!

    Great work !! :*

    1. Thank u so much Nadia for ur comment, your comments have become one of my favorites :)
      U should try some hot pink eyeshadow it wud suit u perfectly <3

      come here often :)
      xoxo Marwa

    2. ohh thanks you're so sweet!! I will definitely try it !!! <3

  4. Thanks for the mention Marwa! I liked the way you made the bright shadows more wearable by keeping the rest basic! I will have to try that, but I might find it hard to resist my habit of using the transition color :D
    I think you look great with all those colors, maybe a slight preference for the green :) and I'd love to try each of these looks :)
    Thanks for sharing the amore!

    1. Thank u so so much Myra for the comment, always a pleasure :)
      I normallu would use a transition color too, but I tried it differently that time, keeping the color as it is, and blended it with my face powder :) my personal fav would be the yellow ;)

      xoxo Marwa

  5. j'aime beaucoup, toutes ces couleurs te mettent en valeur tu es radieuse comme d'habitude.. ces idées seront utiles cet été pour look facile à faire ;)

  6. J'adore ce genre de maquillage pour l'été, et je trouve ça vraiment portable, je n'aurais aucun problème à l'essayer :)
    En tout comme toujours, tout te va marmar ;)
    Gros bisous

  7. Oh thanks for the shout out marwaaa <3 , i love how you used these bright colors , very subtle and fresh ! <3 my favorite is the orange look i would wear it as a day MU ;)
    Lots of kisses :*

  8. Tr!s jolie ! Moi j'adore et je trouves que ça te vas super Bien !

    You are Really Beautiful ! xoxo