mercredi 12 décembre 2012

Style Stalking : Pomy (Soumaya)

Dear Dolls and Gents!!

Here comes Wednesday, it's been quite some time since i have posted my first  Style Stalking , and it feels like ages. I was really happy about the feedback my lovely followers and readers gave me about the last SS post with Hanen, that I decided to pursue with this fun project.
 My next victim is here and ready to show you dolls ( and gents too if you guys are reading this ) what did she choose to dress up for the previous week. Ladies and Gents, she is Pomy, a Packaging Designer , she is stylish, chic, original with all that classy carefree Cancer Girl? I could not resist but to ask her to be a part of my Style Stalking section, and she said YES !

Here come her looks for the  5 working days: enjoy :






Pomy has been so nice to even spoil the Diaries Of Me Blind Optimistic readers with 2 outfits she put together for a girls night out/ party looks, and she still does it with ... Class .

1st NIGHT OUT Look : Black&White Outfit

2nd NIGHT OUT Look : The Little Black Dress

Isn't she just Breathtaking? :)

I had the chance to ask Pomy some questions about her style, inspirations and what fashion means to her? here are her answers, with Class, of course ...

*What does fashion mean to you?
 I consider Fashion as a lifestyle, the most arty way to feel unique, fashion is inspiration, creativity and fun. all those colors, styles and textures to mix up, it's just something wonderful.

*How would you define your personal style?
Actually i have a very simple style, i rarely wear accessories for example, but i love carrying differents bags. I try to create different styles for every special occasion. I could swing between glamour style, a rock style or a classy one, it depends on how i feel.

*Where do you get your inspiration?
3-My inspiration is based on fashion magazines, fashion tv programs, actually it could be from every where.

*What is your favorite outfit ?
4-i don't have a favorite outfit, but i like it when it's comfy and makes me feel good all the day.

That's it for today, I hope you Dolls and Gents liked this Style Stalking post with Pomy the Classy girl.

Give me your thoughts about what you liked and what you did not love , your comments always make me happy !!

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AND if you girls OR boys want to be a part of Style Stalking , all you have to do is to email me your favorite outfit and we can talk about it :)

Be Classy, 

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic ...

15 commentaires:

  1. Mercii Marwa, c'étais un plaisir de faire cette petite expérience pour ton blog <3 bon courage pour le blogging ^^ tu feras des ravages ;)

  2. LOOOOOOOVE IT! Pomy is so unique & as usual, you Marwa, always get the best of people ♥

    Keep up the good work :*

  3. Marwa ! Once again , you nailed it !!!
    I loved the First day and the first night look
    Always a brillinat blogger as you are :)

  4. J'adore j'adore j'adore ! Pomy you rock, et Marwa je suis fan de ce post !
    J'aime toutes ses tenues, et j'ai j'ai un gros coup de coeur pour la petite robe noire avec le blazer rouge au style un peu rétro !
    Pomy je veux te rencontrer, faut qu'on organise ça très bientôt Marwa plzzzzzzzzz !!
    Un succès ce post, bravo !
    Bisous bisous :)


  5. Merci les filles pour vos commentaires :') Jess apparemment faut laisser l'hasard faire le chose à chaque fois qu'on organise on ne se voit :D mais bon je l’espère pour bientôt, avec toutes les autres aussi <3

  6. nice pics! My favourite one is day 1. Love shoes, bag and your blog!

    1. Thank u so much Melislicious for ur comment and welcome to my blog!
      look1 is one of my fav too :)
      xoxo Marwa

  7. I think the outfit on day 4 is perfection. Pomy seems like a great person with great taste! I hope to meet her soon too :)
    Thanks Marmar for this fab post, I want more of these!!!

    1. thank u so much fo rur comment amira :) she is a great gal indeed we most def need to meet with her, she is a know it all girl too , MU discussions are very interesting with her
      xoxo Marwa

  8. I love the scarf and bag of day 2! :)

    1. thank u so much for the sweet comment and yess look 2 details are fab !!
      xoxo Marwa

  9. Love all the looks ! Simple and chic !! :)

    1. thank u so much Jacky, i knew Pomy wud make a hit ;)
      xoxo Marwa

  10. one word : FANTASTICCCCCCCCCCCC <3